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Experiments show that saponin has an excellent cleaning power. It removes dirt of all sorts; from clothes, glass, floors, gold, windows and other surfaces. It is not only highly effective, but also gentle and eco-friendly. Due to its mildness, the colors and natural fibers are preserved much longer when washed with Soap Nuts than when using regular detergent..


Using Soap Nuts saves you money and reduces waste. Only 1 kg bag would replace 9-32 load plastic bottles; moreover, this 1 kg bag will wash 300-400 loads of laundry that can last almost one year of laundry for an average size family.

Comparing the cost of using Soap Nuts to using average laundry detergents:
with Soap Nuts you are spending .08 - .10 cents per load; compared to spending .18 - .32 cents per load with the average detergents.

100% Natural and Organic

100% Natural and Organic

  Soap Nuts, better known as Soap Berries, are a sustainable natural resource that grows wild from the Sapindus Tree. Harvested mostly in India, Nepal and Indonesia, Soap Nuts have been used for centuries as a laundry detergent, as soap for personal hygiene, and as a cleanser with many other uses...

Soap nuts won't clog natural fabric pores like other detergents, and because it leaves no residues, the fabrics are protected from colour loss and fibre breakdown that usually occurs due to harsh chemicals.



"Soap nuts are a powerful, gentle and affordable way to do your laundry leaving your clothes clean, fresh and fluffy"

Calgary Soap Nuts

You don’t need another soap GO GREEN WITH SOAP NUTS 100% NATURAL


With your help, we've saved more than 13,500 plastic bottles from going to the landfill.

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