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Comparison chart

How to tell when your soap nuts are used up


Are your soap nuts moldy?


hard water

cold water

Front loaders



Laundry Science

All kinds of chemical reactions happen in your washing machine and these articles explain in plain English what is happening and why. Understanding these simple chemical reactions will help you understand why clothes get clean, what temperatures are best to wash at, and how soap works.


The beginning of soap(links to blogs)

(Talk about the Industry of toxic soap and how it started, what was used before that, disadvantage of industrial soaps used for household, lack of information, original natural soaps from nature. then talk about green washing and where real natural soap comes from)

The science of washing

Hot vs. cold water

How soap works

bubbles don't equal clean

how enzimes work

Download an all-in 1 recipe guide with Instruction on how to make(Blog links )

SoapNuts liquid

Soapnuts for camping

SoapNuts for your house cleaning

Cloth diapers

Plant pest repellent

Remove stains

desinfect laundry

remove underarm stains

Get rid of Static

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